The Growth of Raheja Developers through Innovation and Quality Delivery

Raheja Developers Limited was started by Mr. Navin M. Raheja in 1990. Since then the developers have built a legacy of integrity, commitment, innovation and timely delivery of projects. Now the groups of builders have emerged as a leading real estate company in India. They have received many awards for their outstanding performance in the industry. So far the group has received over 75 prestigious awards, both national and international.

Today the company has a strong presence all over the country, especially in the north region of NCR. It is one of the fast growing real estate companies in India. What makes them unique is that they offer luxury homes with reasonable costs with a high level of customer service care.

Raheja Developers Review– Projects
Raheja Developers are well known for their innovative project concepts. They have been building projects taking into consideration both the interest and welfare of the society and the environment. They provide both luxury housings and commercial space with benchmark quality standards. Here is a list of some of their projects.

The Vedaanta Floors, located on Dwarka Expressway, resemble cottage style architecture and living. It has well-built independent floors with a lot of available space.

Aranya Independent Floors, located in south Gurgaon, is a green township, surrounded by the Aravallis. Aranya is the ideal place for those seeking residence in nature.

Atlantis, located in Gurgaon, offers an ultra-sophisticated living experience right in the heart of the city.

The Vedas, located in Dwarka Expressway, has been created in accordance with the instructions of the Vedas. With well lit, well ventilated and built on strong foundations, this project recreates the ancient way of harmonious living.

With many more of such projects, Raheja has grown to attract many more homebuyers. So far the company has undertaken projects worth more than INR 90 billion in the realty sector. With a generation of high revenue, Raheja Developers remains to be a front-runner in the real estate sector in India.


Raheja Developers – An Ultimate Builder to Invest Within Gurgaon

One element that contributes a lot in a development of a city is its real estate. Raheja has constantly been adding up to the real estate segment of Gurgaon and has overcome the buyers’ expectation over and over the span of time. The builder has delivered numerous projects in both residential and commercial sectors. It becomes necessary to quote here that the renowned builder is named for providing state of the art amenities and world class features in the residential projects.

The group has touched various milestones in real estate sector by the luxurious and quality apartments that they offer. Raheja builders have now served for almost thirty years and clearly understand the young buyers’ requirements. Younger people prefer apartments with amenities and one that would be in close proximity to various shopping complexes and amusement spots. Raheja has all its projects at strategic location on main national highway in Gurgaon.

The residents of all the projects by Raheja Developers provide with positive aspects of living there. Those planning to buy a home in Gurgaon can go with this renowned builder and take the best value out of their money. It must also be noted that the investment in Gurgaon has steadily given the investors a growth of 22%. So investing in a property at Gurgaon is good in both perspectives i.e. investment and a home for living.

Still in a confused state? Get a reference from Raheja Developers Review and invest in a growing property in Gurgaon!

Gurgaon A Major Investment Location

Lying in close proximity to Delhi, Gurgaon has slowly but surely built itself quite a niche in the market. Gurgaon has been offering a plethora of world class services to its residents for quite some time now. More recently, with the stable growth of infrastructure, Gurgaon property has become a rather hot commodity, be it as a realty investment or for home purchasing options.

At a proximate distance to the National Capital, Delhi NCR has been playing host to a number of branches of Fortune 500 firms, making it a not-so-little corporate hub. This increased the demand for best housing, and prelaunch ventures did not lose time, as they worked towards making Gurgaon one of the most lucrative property investment options in North India. Raheja developers provides State of the art infrastructures, strategically located apartments as well as high standard of facilities and this have led to an unprecedented growth in realty market.

Raheja builders lie in the expanding city to accommodate new residential, commercial and industrial ventures. Because of more advancement and the city is growing Raheja developers Review provides the most to the people for their better prospect those enthusiastic to own their home in this city.


Contribution of Raheja Developers in Gurgaon Real Estate

Gurgaon has always been a top priority for the home buyers in NCR region. The reason behind this is the development of the city and its strategic location and with close proximity to the country’s capital. The city is house to the headquarters of many of the big giants of IT. The city is also house to Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car seller. These all factors are constantly generating employment in the city and leading the city to new heights of growth.

It is subsequent that the city with high employment requires residential areas with proper amenities to house the working class. Thus the requirement for housing projects that can cater all the need and expectations of the home buyers has risen to a particular level. At this point, one would like to go with Raheja developers, a builder with almost thirty years of existence in Gurgaon real estate. The group has been long been overcoming the buyer’s expectations.

The city also boasts of highest per capita income in the country. Thus the lifestyle of the people residing in the city is set at quite a high bar. The luxury lifestyle and modern amenities is expected by the buyers of new age. Raheja Builders has repetitively been providing the interested buyers with all these features in their projects. The article would be could be a great sigh of relief for the buyers looking for their housing needs in Gurgaon and the Raheja Developers review clearly depicts the picture of the builder’s contribution in the real estate development.

Dream Luxury Projects In Gurgaon with Big Savings

The present time is the best for investing in the property. There are huge opportunities for the working class in Gurgaon. There are several reasons to that are responsible for buying a property at this time of the year, some of them being Note ban, RERA, Benami property act, GST.

Note Ban was the first move initiated by the Government led by Mr. Narendra Modi that has helped transparent transactions in property. The move was directly responsible for decrease in property prices as the cash in hand with people was scarce. So the transactions are being done through bank and are being closely monitored by the concerned authorities.

Another major step by the Government was the commencement of RERA act. RERA has made the developers provide the legitimate information regarding their projects to the buyers. Thus, the buyer now get only the exact details regarding the property he shows interest in buying.

The third major move by the Government was GST. The tax has no impact on ready to move flats in Gurgaon. It is so because there is no new tax on ready to move homes. This gives buyers, the right time to get invested in the real estate market.

So, what are you waiting for? Flats on Dwarka expressway are waiting for your possession.

Raheja Developers Review – For the Prospective Buyers

Choosing a right property is always a work of high stress and a difficult task for the modern and young buyers. But is never a hectic matter to buy a property in Guragon. It is so because when you get an opportunity to own an apartment by the renowned builders in your area, it becomes really a transparent deal to go with.

The sign of sigh is for the property buyers in Gurgaon due to the presence of acclaimed real estate developer of the city- Raheja Developers. The builder now has been serving in the property sector of the city and its surroundings for almost 3 years now. They have long been known for their quality construction by the use of ultra-modern material and timely possession to the buyers.

The most important component for the apartments by Raheja Builders is the location of their apartments. They have been choosing the locations for their buildings that are easily accessible and yet have calm and peaceful surroundings that can enhance the living experience of buyers to great extent. Their projects are eco-friendly with rainwater harvesting and solar panels that contribute to great level to the society.

Furthermore, the investors are willing to invest for environment friendly apartments that are non-harmful for the nature. This could help a lot to improve the reselling value of their property. Raheja Developers review can thus cater a lot to the home buyers’ decision making.


Raheja Developers – The Elegant Name in Gurgaon Real Estate

What if you get to live in an apartment that has been designed and planned by the designers of Dubai Mall and Marina Bay Sail? Raheja gives you an opportunity to reside at one such place i.e. Raheja Oma. It is a bunch of elite residential floors that are present with the best in class luxury amenities and the area is strategically located at the Gurgaon National Highway.

Raheja builders are offering an ultramodern lifestyle at the foothills of Aravallis, thus providing you with unhindered, peaceful views of the mountains right from your own terrace. The life here is nothing less than being at vacation. The surroundings are appealing and it provides peace bundled up with luxury.

The projects by Raheja Developers provide world class integrated township facilities with ultra-luxurious and future ready properties. The residential properties by the conversed builder provide adjusting of curtains, switching or scheduling the electrical gadgets all at the touch of a button with complete automation of the Home.

Raheja Developers Review will thus become of great support to the keen buyers, those in search of luxury and quality apartments can easily go with Raheja Developers for their dream home. The above mentioned builder has great repute in the real estate sector. The developer has long been known for giving quality construction and timely possession to the residents.

Live ahead of times with the projects by Raheja Developers!